Eva Evitzkaya

Eva Evitzkaya

Every day I write (grapho in Greek) my life (bios in Greek). I am an artist and my language is performative, therefore, for this exhibition I present a perfomative device called AUTOBIOGRAPHY-QR.

To compose this work I have chosen a golden frame because it takes us back to the beginning of the Baroque, when the frames for the Art market that emerged in the Renaissance began to be gilded, and it is in the 17th century when modern biographies of notable people began to be written. With the energy that was created in the Nau when Marcel received my work, I intervened on the back of the frame with the stamps of my iconic eye.

For framing I have chosen this photograph of my eye, which is the part of my body that I introduce as a performative fact, when I photograph my here and now as I move through the worlds that art and culture create, making a “Neo-selfie”, a term created by Albert Girós (Catalan conceptualist artist) and I sign them with my acronym “AKIIARA”.

I have chosen a QR code because QR stands for Quick Response. A QR is a medium that carries a message, in this case, it is an invitation to get to know my artistic trajectory. I have placed it in the pupil of my eye because it is an orifice for the passage of light, in this case I give way to your focus when you scan the QR. Therefore, this work is a performative device.

Frida Kahlo: “I am writing to everyone with my eyes”.

38cm x 28cm golden wooden frame
Photograph printed in 4 inks on 80 gsm paper, 29cm x 19cm
QR printed in 4 inks on 80 gsm paper, 1,3cm x 1,3cm



2020. “AKIIARA: El llibre” is an artist book that contains a text by Albert Girós, an artist as well as a art historian, in which he coins the term Neo-selfie to describe my way of photographing my here and now.


2008. During the artistic residency at the creative factory of “La Escocesa” I created the professional profile of “Paintjockey”.