“BarcinA” by Eva Evitzkaya.
Poetic action in the sculptures of Joan Brossa “BARCINO” as part of the THARRATS poetic tour, organized by “Sent i Crea”, Barcelona 05/15/2019.

Selected for the International Festival “Urban Body in Action”:

BarcinA … BarcinaA …
Manifesto in favor of the visibility of women who have made and make history in Barcelona. Sign the letter “A”
The “A” for Joan Brossa was the beginning of everything, and now we are in a new Era beginning, women have woken up and some men also!
Although I would say that on the day of the end of the genre and the beginning of the freedom of sexual identity, you can feel 60% women and 40% man in the morning and at night feel the other way around and relate to you from the different proportions !!!

“A de Barcina”
Visual poem performed during the poetic action “BarcinA”.