Eva Sans EvitzkayaPj and Yolanda Espinosa co-founded Origen.

From two different ways, Eva Sans Evitzkaya pj. And Yolanda Espinosa have reached the same point: ORIGEN. This team has designed a methodology to keep the channels of expression open and preserve from cultural references, to Foster the pleasure of artistic creation, playing and all this without prejudices, to keep the ORIGINAL capacity of artistic self-expression.

// Creativity is the most powerful tool to be happy as it arouses “Being” as subject who innovates versus to “be like” regarding cultural references //

Stay Connected with the innate creativity, allowing authentic expression valuing process over product.

This methodology consists of an experiential capsule 3 phases:
Approximation // Experimentation // Expression

1. Initiation: 2 to 3 hours depending on the age the participants. 1 technique in 3 phases.
2. Day: three techniques in 3 phases.
3. Long: technical combinations in 3 phases. Painjockey Session.

1. Increase awareness and sharpens the senses.
2. Creating good habits exportable to all areas of life, such as cooking or travel.
3. Increase the autonomy by unlocking emotional states.
On the one hand, Eva Sans started live painting in Jams de Jazz in 2004, and she experienced how the public can really feel the power of a drop of paint and how creativity is generated. In 2006 she studied Contemporary Art Dynamizer. In 2007, she drove “ulls blaus” Fine Arts Workshop, in 2009 she developed her “Pintura a Escena” Project as an artista-in residence and she invented the paintjockey concept, as she became Evitzkaya pj. In 2010, she worked as an artista-in residence in” Fabra i Coats”. She is currently working in “ La Fundició de Poblenou”. She has performed Paintjockey Sessions in the framework of the “Time-Lapse” Project, Sttutgart (Ger), Contemporary International Jazz Festival (NL), FemART’06 (Sp)… She has collaborated with La Fura dels Baus, Domix Garrido, Alan Nakagawa, among many others… ORIGEN co-founder and member of Wholegroupplay and EnsembleB Soundpainting groups.
On the other hand, Yolanda Espinosa, has a degree in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona and her speciality is Painting. In 1988 she recieved the ERASMUS Scholarship, to study in the Winchester School of Art (UK). In 1989, she obtained the Certificate of Educational Competence (C.A.P.)
She has exhibited her work in collective and individual exhibitions, both national and international.
In 2010 he took part of EL ARTE DE CADA DIA in Gredos San Diego School, in Alcalá de Henares (Sp), to aproach art to primary schools.
Trough her work, she explores mental processes in artistic creation and the development of abstract thinking through artistic work.

In 2014 Evitzkaya pj.and Yolanda Espinosa co- found ORIGEN, after collaborating in the exhibition-performance TRIANGULO-MONTAÑA.