Creo en el poder de comunicación de la performance !!!

Naumon, Duisburg 2013
There is life without Escafandra !!!


Manzana 2.0Manzana 2.0
TOP Poblenou BCN – Progreso80, Murcia 2011
A collaboration with the Sala PROGRESO80 Murcia
to present a new concept for the diffusion of Action Art and Performance.
Linked via Internet with the action which was broadcast from TOP Poblenou, Barcelona,
I sent a Green Apple as a symbol of information withheld,
which became Red when Yosem Martinez
as an action that were presented in the cycle 80 ACCIONES.


Rec-San JavierRec-San Javier
Festival IMAGINA San Javier, Murcia 2011
A performance with Ines Salpico questioning the nature of the performance.
To do this we ask:
Who are the performers of San Javier in the 362 days of the OFF-IMAGINE?
It consisted of an interview-Performance to the inhabitants of San Javier.
The performance was conducted like a urban intervention.


Fabra i Coats, Barcelona 2010
A performance with Ines Salpico, which raises the question:
Think quantumly allows you to be in more than one place at once?


Festival Imagina, Biblioteca de San Javier, Murcia 2009Jam Poética
Biblioteca de San Javier, Murcia 2009
It consisted of live poetry.
I asked to the Library the most popular poems and the recorded them.
They were played like a voiceover while I wrote them on the windows
in the sense that they could be read from the side of the public,
which also had markers to keep writing them.
This experience inspired me the poem “VIVIR AMANDO… MORIR VIVIENDO !”
Barcelona 2009/2010
From the art collective IN.ES.A.V.E. we questioned the origin and destination
of “26 pasta shells” that the city of Barcelona and Gallina Blanca
offered for Christmas 2009.
And we wonder: Where is the soup?


Performance que intenta responder ¿Donde está Facebook? Facing Facebook
El Raval, Barcelona 2009
It consisted of asking Where is Facebook? and passersby stopped to get my bearings.
Presented at “La Capella” during the workshop KUNTSrePUBLIC.


Festival FemArt-06, Experimentem amb l'Art, BCN'06 La Dama de las Manzanas Voladores
“FEM Art-06”, Experimentamos con el Arte, BCN’06
The house, the woman, the myth of Lilith … ingredients well mixed inside me
inspired me to color the tablecloth “The Lady of the Flying Apples”
and its legend “Flying Apples”.
Reading during “L’Hora del Dinar” action performance of “Experience amb l’Art.”