Jams de Jazz, RAI, BCN’04//
I felt the need to communicate from within myself and vice versa with others.

My intuition was to do Live Painting – accompanying musicians during Jazz sessions held every Thursday at the RAI-Art in Barcelona.
Then I began to feel that the music had colors, textures and forms in addition to motion and dancing; and I generated clarifying visions.

Already from the first session I experienced the public feeling the power of a drop of paint and the creativity it generates… they told me their experiences … we communicated!!

I felt deeply that creativity is a mental vibration that allows our brain to make new connections, so it is the most powerful tool to be happy. It awakens our being and makes us feel like subject that can innovate your life versus the object feeling of sorry for himself in a rigid context.

I started my new search that still moves me and has become my way of life!!!

Thanks to Rebeka and all the musicians that joined me as a component.
Thanks to the association of RAI for hosting the proposal and its public expression !!!

Retrospectiva “ViArt” Vilanova (Sp) 2006
Pintura Viva “Ulls Blaus” Barcelona (Sp) 2008