Time:Lapse Project

Stuttgart, 17-25 July 2008//
Evitzkaya-Pj: Space-MOV-Human Soul-Free fly-?//
I participated in five locations of the “Time:Lapse Project”. The basic issue was the use or non-use of time and place. I painted on 5 locations only during the proceedings that were repeated 5days.

On a trip through the past, present and future in a fascinating city district of Stuttgart, the audience sat on the tram and stopped at places where the next fast train stations were planned. In the role of city guide Scandariato Dino playing with Daniel Beyer, showed the locations and artistic actions performed in each location.

Other soloists were: Luyza Pereira (stunts cloth), Eva Sans (action painting), Jörg Holzmann (guitar), Kurt Albert (tap), Daniela Walther (schwäbschen on the railroad). He also worked with: ParkourStuttgart, the whole dance school in New York and graduated from the Academy of Ballet Minkov.
Arriving at Wagenhallen (Hangar) from where Jews were deported, turning his gaze from past to present where artists currently reside. And reflecting on the possibility that in the future it becomes the great Fast Train Station.

Time-Lapse-Project of Monika Kiebeche Loreth was funded by the National Association of Theatre Baden Württemberg with independent funding from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art. With the support of the Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation, the Hypo Real Estate Foundation, the SSB and the Dance School of the City of New York.