TRIÁNGULO-MONTAÑA, Niu Espai d’Art, BCN’14//
Evitzkaya-Pj&Co: Yolanda Espinosa and Ariel Muchnik//

“TRIÁNGULO-MONTAÑA” (literarily “TRIANGLE-MOUNTAIN”) was an event consisting of an exhibition, a Paintjockey session and a Performance.

“TRIÁNGULO-MONTAÑA” originated in a trip of Yolanda Espinosa in Yucatan and a citation taken from Carlos Castaneda’s about his trip to Itxlan, where he claims that no pictures should be taken in such trips (which should not be take as leisure) and what is really important is to sense the soul of the place.

The Exhibition consisted of a set of pencil drawings on a photographic album and a travel guide, and as a conclusion, the 2.50 m x 1.20 m drawing to summarize in one image the global outlook of the trip beyond beauty.
Flyer by Sara Pujadas.

The Paintjockey Session of Evitzkaya-Pj consisted of translating into colors the audio track composed by Ariel Muchnik about the concept of the oeuvre of Yolanda Espinosa. The underpinning was an unfinished drawing of Yolanda Espinosa representing water and fire… to bring forward earth the drawing was on the floor gathering the colors and other elements stemming from the air… “Tierra_Aire” (Literality “Earth_Air”).

The Performance stemmed from the need of liberating energy and sharing it. Three inexhaustible focuses of energy were present: the artist, Yolanda getting rid herself from History of Art, the vibrations of the musical composition of Ariel as though they were the contractions and expansions of the universe and the energy evolving from the paper made of volcanic earth and local weeds by a Maya tribe specializing in that. “MUNTANYA-MOVING”. (Literality “MONTAIN-MOVING”)