BCNLab Event’14

BCNLab Event’14, Fabra i Coats, BCN’14//
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4 Helix” was painted during the second day of the BCNLab Event’14. Interview: The BCNLab Event’14, in one painting.

The BCNLab Event’14 in a painting

Paintjockey Eva Sans recreates the event on a colourful canvas.
“Live Painting creates a mental state which encourages the public to be and to live in the here and now. This facilitates interaction and increases the quality of the communication.” This painting is a gift by Eva Sans, paintjockey – she created it at the Barcelona Laboratory (BCNLab) event that took place in February at Fabra i Coats. The painting was shaped by main concepts discussed during the meeting.

Instead of taking notes or trying to define foggy terms like quadruple helix, intelligent citizens, engagement, innovation, culture etc., Sans helped us with making the speeches tangible through her painting. The artist performed in darkness, next to the stage, while the sessions were held on a Friday morning.

“The piece has emerged from the energy generated in such meetings, where there is plenty of information all around,” she explains. The quadruple helix was the central concept based on which Sans organised the piece. “I was stuck”. A red mark, a symbol of passion expressed the innovativeness and creativity of what you want BCNLab shelter to be. “Without passion we are not going anywhere,” the artist said.

When the colour blue began to cross the canvas, this signalled the information that “everyone has spoken,” she explains. “For the colour of the information I suggested blue. Blue like water, since the information is similar to the behaviour of water: depending on how and where it is, you get it or not”. After, stylized figures were added, and finally diffuse colours applied with spray linking helix, information and people.

“I consider myself a communication channel”, the painter defines herself. Eva Sans began developing the live painting in 2004 – when she accompanied musicians at jazz jam sessions. However, nowadays, the presence of the public has added significantly to her artistic experience. “A Paint-Jockey generates a physical image, colour, in a certain time and in a specific context”. It is an action that complements the main activity and generates new sensations in the attendees.