Pintura a Escena

La Escocesa, BCN’09 //
Eva Sans to Evitzkaya-Pj //
I developed the “Pintura a Escena” project when I was Artist in Residence at “La Escocesa”.
The goal was to make a qualitative leap in my research on “Communication between artistic languages” to further innovate.
The research was based on the experiences I had doing Live Painting at Jazz Jams since 2004. The first collection was “Pintura Viva”.

The proposal was to do 3 cycles based on 3 different kinds of music: Electronic, Contemporary and Jazz.
Each cycle consisted of 3 interventions of the same components, in each intervention was given the priority to an artistic discipline to generate energy, while the other two were creating their works synchronously, performing as a Jam.
As Paintjokey emphasize that I experimented with different media and techniques depending on the context / Concept.

I prioritized the Electronic Music Cycle with Dj Bass because we connect.
The 1st intervention was in the studio we performed as a dialogue between music and colors. The painting is “Men in Blue”.
The 2nd we made was connecting with Anna Watson, singer. So the priority exchange was performed, so Anna could sing the paint and the Dj could synchronize the music. The painting is “Supernova”.
For the 3rd we connected with dancers, Ana Leitao and Claudio Rojas (Cia. Bacantoh). The video is “Pintura a Escena”: 1st exp electronic cliclo.” TOP Poblenou, Barcelona 2009.

During these experiences I invented the Profile “Paintjockey (Pj)” … Evitzkaya Pj was born !

Then I performe “PorDelanteYporDetras” during the opening of the exhibition of my previous works at “Sala 4art” with “R” Dj and Vj Murdok. And “Synergy”.

The 1st Contemporary Music intervention was in the studio with Ferran Fages, musician. The painting is “Dreamland”.
The 2nd was in “Nau Ivanow” with Quim and Joan Manuel Olle Chouciño, musicians. The painting is “Reflecting on the Water.”
And the 3rd was “ACUARIUM-ARTBOX”.

Instead of Jazz, that I had already experienced before, as a challenge I did an experiment with Yoni Marmol, sculptor. See “Interactive Migration”.